Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sisters Furious With Ballon d’Or Result As Modric Wins Award

Cristiano Ronaldo ’s sisters have reacted with fury after seeing him pipped to the Ballon d’Or by former Real Madrid teammate Luka Modric.

Elma Aveiro, 39, said the result showed the world was “rotten” and tainted by mafia and money.

A message that appeared on Elma's social media in the aftermath of the announcement Modric had broken Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s dominance of the prized trophy read:
“Unfortunately this is the world we live in, rotten, with mafia and f******g money.

 “The power of God is a lot greater than all this rottenness. God takes his time but he doesn’t fail.” 
His other sister Katia posted a picture of Ronaldo after he won a previous Ballon d’Or and claimed in a message she posted alongside the photo:
“Best player in the world….for those who understand football of course.”
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There was no immediate response on social media from Cristiano’s doting mum Dolores or his Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

 Katia, a singer, is known for her staunch defence of her older sibling although on Monday night it was Elma who was making the headlines.

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