"Mum Convinced Me To Choose Chelsea Over Man City," Says Jorginho

Jorginho admits he moved to Chelsea on the recommendation of his Mum.
The midfielder snubbed Manchester City to join Chelsea from Napoli last summer.

Jorginho told Sky Sports:

Many things happened and in the end it comes down to your personal preference. I am very happy with my choice, so I now play at Chelsea.

My mother had a big influence on my choice for this club. I talk a lot with my mother, also about this.

She has always stood by my choices.

Jorginho, who has started 19 of 20 English Premier League matches, says the move has been helped by having Sarri in the dugout. 

He said:

I think it is easier for me because I know how he works and I know what he wants from me on the pitch. It has made me coming here easier.

I think he has already changed a lot. You can see that on the pitch, we've improved but there is still room for improvement. We need to keep going, keep improving but keep our feet on the ground and who knows, hopefully we'll be able to win something.

Jorginho is impressed by teammate Eden Hazard and also said:

With the potential he has, he can become the best player in the world. In the new role he can score more often. He has it in him to further improve those qualities.

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