Rubbish! Israel Folau SACKED By Rugby Australia After Homophobic Post

Wallabies full-back Israel Folau has been sacked by Rugby Australia over homophobic social media posts.
The 30-year-old had previously been found to have committed a 'high-level breach' of the code of conduct over the posts he made in April.

Folau, a devout Christian, said on his Instagram account that 'hell awaits' for 'drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolators'.

He had previously been warned over making homophobic comments on social media in 2018, but did not face disciplinary action at the time.

Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle told a press conference: 

We are here to announce that Wallabies and Waratahs player Israel Folau has today been issued a sanction directing termination of his playing contract for his high-level breach of the professional players' code of conduct.

The three-member panel of John West, QC; chair, Kate Eastman and John Boultbee, provided its final written decision today in relation to the code of conduct hearing over Folau's social media post on April 10, 2019.

While Rugby Australia accepts the panel's decision directing termination of Israel Folau's contract for his high-level breach of the code of conduct, we want to stress that this outcome is a painful situation for the game.

RA supports (players') rights to their own beliefs and nothing changes from that. But when we talk about inclusiveness we mean that we respect our differences as well.

Ms Castle added: 

Rugby Australia did not choose to be in the situation, but Rugby Australia's position remains that Israel, through his actions, left us with no choice but to pursue the course of action resulting in today's outcome.

This has been an extremely challenging period for rugby. This issue has created an unwanted distraction in an important year for the sport and for the Wallabies team.

But our clear message for all rugby fans today is that we need to stand by our values and the qualities of inclusion, passion, integrity, discipline, respect and teamwork.

Folau, who has already lost one sponsorship deal over the issue, has 72 hours to appeal the ruling.

Folau shared a similar post last year but escaped sanction and signed a new four-year contract, reported to be worth £2.17m, in February.

The decision leaves Australia coach Michael Cheika without one of his few world class players only a few months out from the World Cup in Japan.
Folau shared a social media post
He mentioned other things but the only thing those silly bullies picked was homosexuals?

Sacking him is a stupid thing to do because those words ain't his but the Bible's...

I keep wondering why they are trying to force those people on everyone. Everybody must not like you, no matter how good or bad you are. And no matter how hard you try, the whole will still not like and accept you. That's life! Jesus Christ was not liked and accepted by everyone even up till date. I am not liked by everyone and you are not liked by everyone. So, what's the argument all about? 

They should chill! The last time I checked, no-one has the right to stop people from thinking and saying whatever they want. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, please!!!

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