$30,000 Was A Lie': Man Who Claims To Have Found Sturridge's Missing Dog Says Footballer Hasn't Paid Promised Reward

The man who claims to have found Daniel Sturridge's dog with his nephew has said that they did not get the $30,000 (N10.7million) promised reward. 
The former Liverpool Striker, 29, offered the sum on Instagram for his Pomeranian Lucky Lucci, after being left distraught when the pet was kidnapped from his $1.5million Los Angeles mansion on Monday night.

The following evening, however, Sturridge headed down to south LA with friends to collect the prized pooch after the canine was found.

However, after this trip, rapper Killa Fame, who claims to have found the dog, tweeted that he received no 'sizeable reward'.

He tweeted:

So dishonest. found dog Lucci by me and my nephew.

$30,000 was just a lie', he also said before adding, 'If I was white, I would of got the reward!

Messages from Sturridge's agent uploaded to twitter by the rapper say that Sturridge wanted to 'express his gratitude' and 'make sure you are paid acordingly'.

They also asked for the posts to be removed.

In a video posted on Instagram after collecting the dog, Sturridge said: 

Good morning everyone. Just want to say we're waking up to good news that Lucci has officially been brought home. Myself and a few friends went to south LA last night to pick him up.

We were told by somebody in LA basically that they had him, they were in south LA on the east side so we drove down there at about 11:30pm last night (Tuesday) and picked him up.

Absolutely delighted. Can't believe it. Just want to say a big thank you to everyone on social media who supported us and raised awareness to the case of what was going on and I'm so thankful to all of the fans around the world, all the influencers, celebrates, general people and media.

Sturridge then posted a photo of happy-looking Lucci playing with a toy on the balcony of his house.

Yesterday, officers pulled up at the Premier League star's West Hollywood mansion to take DNA prints from his back door, which was smashed to pieces by thieves.

'If anyone has any information please contact us ASAP,' he wrote. 

A sizeable reward will be organized. We just want the dog back. Send a video of him and we can talk. Dog was stolen from West Hollywood at 11:30 last night.

But it emerged that the dog has been returned after a deal brokered on social media. LAPD do not believe the person who returned it was associated with the crime.

Earlier a rapper, called Killa Fame, posted photos of a young boy believed to be his relative holding a dog which had the same markings as Sturridge's. He later tweeted the footballer saying, 'Man I got him'.

In a video he posted, the boy can be seen holding the pet as a man off camera says:

Mr, I found your dog. Here it is right here Mr Sturridge, I got the dog right here. You need your dog, I got the dog right now. Here you go, look.
Killa Fame later tweeted the footballer saying, 'Man I got him'. It is unclear whether he was involved in his return. LAPD do not believe the person who returned it was associated with the crime
The £30,000 Pomeranian pictured by Sturridge in an appeal he sent out the morning before the dog's return
'He's still out there somewhere... everyone please help bring my dog home,' the football wrote this morning before the dog was recovered
Sturridge urged anyone with information to contact him as he posted a video of the dog on Instagram yesterday. It has since been found

The rapper asked 'is this Lucci' and posted several images of the dog being held in a car seat
It is unclear whether the rapper was involved in the dog's return or whether any money changed hands.

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