Arteta Reveals The Top Striker He Wants In Arsenal

Arsenal manager boss, Mikel Arteta, has revealed the top striker he wants to sign for the club this summer. 

When asked by Sky Sports about who he is looking for, the Spaniard said: 
He puts the ball in the net, that’s priority number one. . 

Goal threat. Any successful team needs enough goal threat in the squad. Without it, you have nothing. You can play good football but you need enough goal threat in the team.  

The other thing is that he has to complement the other people we have, personally and on the pitch, and for that, we need the right profile.

We need a profile where you can exploit his qualities at the same time as the qualities we already have, so we don’t have to transform our way of playing again to adapt to that specific player.

He has to have a certain age, a certain level of experience, and he has to be able to come here and play under the pressure of being at Arsenal

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